Baran is a 15 year old girl, who leaves home in search for help on her secret.

Main Country of Production: Iran
Original Language: Persian
Duration: 14:50
Subtitle languages: English, Spanish, French
Date of completion: 20/08/2020

About “Don’t Tell Anyone”
There is no reliable statistics on the trend and extent of the spread of sexual assault on incest in Iran. Although rape is not a new phenomenon; yet support for victims of rape has increased in most countries in the recent decades. However, no research has been carried out on this social harm in Iran; leading to authorities and legislators’ denial on the existence of such disease. Father’s encroachment on his daughter is more difficult and more annoying for a victim than an assault by a person outside the family. The strategies that fathers use to rape their daughters can be classified into four groups:
First: coercion and physical violence strategy
Second: sentiment stimulation and emotional intimidation strategy
Third: Economic strategy
Fourth: Deception strategy
In the short film “Don’t Tell Anyone” Father uses sentiment seduction and emotional intimidation strategies. The girl who does not have any shelter, and she feels insecure in the community, finds no way except going back home. And this is probably the saddest part of this story that the father torture his daughter by emotion.
In Iran, many girls who suffer from incest are not able to say their secrets and protest against this terrible incident.
The lack of security in the family and society makes the victim afraid of telling the truth. The fear of unjust judgment and calling her a sinner and even not believing her words is a good reason for violator to continue the brutal aggression.
Despite the high rates of incest in Iran, no father has ever been tried for raping her daughter. The rules in this crime are for the benefit of the father. Because the court and the judge give him three times opportunity to confess. And even if the father tell the truth twice and lie the third time, he will be forgiven. As a result, everything is completely harmful to the girl. It is very difficult for her to prove.
Incest rape in Iran, like many other countries, remains a big taboo. I, as a filmmaker, want to tell my country and my society that it’s time to talk about taboos. Don’t cover problems.
I hope this film can establish a new law to deal with this social problem and examine the roots of this dangerous disease in society.

Zeynab Shabani
Yasna Sirati
Mehdi Mehraban
Leyla Mehraban
Mohadese Pourbahrami